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Modern persian calligraphy

News and specials May 2010 Sculpture work: jury for peace - Clay, 2009, from left to right: 24x8x6 cm, 22x8x7 cm, 20x9x9 cm, 18x9x8 cm, 18x8x7 cm, 20x8x7 cm, 21x7x6 cm
Painting work: Mixed Writing, 89x83 cm, acryl-oil-ink on canvas, 2009
Relief work: Writing elements, Pilan with his "Writing elements", 136x100 cm - 2009, white coloured epoxy glass fiber, base of wood and hardboard, base modelling 1996
Painting work: Flying elements - trio, each 94x74 cm, acryl - oil on canvas, 2009
painting and sculpture
architecture and landart
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Farhad Pilan Javaherian is an artist of Iran. He is a painter and sculptor of persian and contemporary art. More than 25 years he lifes and works in two cultures - Persia and Europe. 5 years old, Pilans life with the art began in the atelier of his uncle Faramarz Pilaram, who was one of the famoust artists in Iran. Pilaram taught him and opened his mind for the mysteries of calligraphy. Since his studies in Germany he works in different sections. He cannot limit himself - He need as well painting as sculpture as concepts for architecture and land art. About his work - Khattati seems Signs of Writing. Pilans Khattati is a language of image and form, moving in the rhythm of nature. The vibration and energy, sound and geometry he receive with all his attention. With respect he read and hear these languages of universe und write them in his pictures and sculptures. Circles and constructions, movements and complexity are signals and variations of these encounters. For Pilan the question about different cultures does not arise. Middle East or occidental - Persia or Europe. In one ore two generations the art of Iran and Arab world will be in neighborhood of the great occidental artist. The Majority of art lovers will see the old and new artist of the Middle East in the same category and quality, surely sometimes better. In the moment there are only a few well known and well payed iranian and arabian artists.The same in the whole area of Asia. When we see today the Art fairs in Dubai, Basel, Cologne, Paris or Miami - we see a lot of hurrying people to save their money, not only as real art lovers, also as simple money investors. Thats ok but we should not conceal it. Please invest in art, invest in culture - much better than in hedgefonds with a portfolio of arms or food speculations which kills the poor. Supporting culture, promoting arts is a long-life investment for our mind and economical survive. Its an accretion for soul and wallet. Compare the financial power of art - how many people can live only from the culture tourism for a long, long time. English metanames for website - art, artpilan, Art of Pilan, architecture, architektur, Ausstellung, art middle east, art fair, blanket, blankets, bronze, calligrafie, caliegrafie, calligraphy, contemporary, ceramic, collage, china, card, cup, cups, cloth, clothes, culture, cultures, design, Design, decoration, dress, exhibition, exhibitions, Emirates, Expressionism, emerging, fabric, fashion, fine art, fair, grafic, galerie, gallery, interior, kalligrafie, kelim, Khatat, Khattati, Kunstmesse, Louvre, material, mode, mandala, Museum, Museums, modernism, modern, miniatur, oriental, occidental, painting, painter, pilan, Pilanart, prints, postcards, pot, pots, plate, plates, relief, reliefs, rug, rugs, sculpture, sculptor, sculptures, Sweat-Shirt, Sweat Shirt,Sheikh, textil, textiles, tie, ties, T-Shirt, T Shirt. french metanames - artiste peintre, peinture moderne, peinture contemporaine, art contemporain, peinture iranienne, artiste iranien, Iran, Calligraphie persane, peinture, sculpture, sculpteur, mode, cravate, cravates, tissu, carreau, carreaus, carreaux, carrelache, porcelaine, ceramique, céramique, cartes, cartes postales, carte postale, pot, pots, tasse, tasses, tapis du table, T-Shirt, T Shirt, Sweat-Shirt, Sweat Shirt, grafique, imprimes, architecture, decoration, décoration, interieur, inté rieur, assite, plate, bronze, reliefe, reliefs, collage, mandala, habit, habillement, vetement, vêtement. iranian metanames - honar, farhang, farsi, farhangestane, honar, museh honare moasser, ketabkhane farhango honar, nagashi, mojasmesazi, tarrahi, honare entezayee, honare tazinee, khoshnewiesie, khattati, honarhaye zieba, daneshkadeh honarhaye zieba, muzeh assar melli, farhangsaraye niawarah, adabieyyate sheare farsi, irane bastan, saghakhane, anjomane khattatan, honarkadeh, anjomane khoshnewiesan iran, grafiest, memarie bastan, memarie islami, honare sonnati, kashikari, kanune farhagi melli, honare eslami, majjalehe honaro farhang. Art Links and art galleries: Artspace, Cuadro, Christie, Christie's, Christies, Dubai Art Fair, Faramarz Pilaram, Guggenheim, Kaysha Hildebrandt, ltmh gallery, MEEM, MoCA, Seyhoun, Saatchi, Sotheby, Sotheby's, Sothebys, Sharjah, Thirdline Gallery, Waterhouse.